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Paper Recycling

At our sourcing office located in Birmingham, we're dedicated to the responsible recycling of various paper products. Collaborating closely with businesses across London, Manchester, Birmingham and throughout the UK, we aim to assist our clients in surpassing their sustainability objectives while diverting paper waste from landfills. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to purchase scrap paper from your company, presenting an additional revenue stream while contributing to environmental preservation. Our proficient team specializes in handling and exporting various types of paper, including both common office paper and specialized grades.

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Our comprehensive services encompass:

-    Paper Waste Collection
-    Scrap Paper Purchase


Buying Paper Waste

Our streamlined process facilitates the acquisition of recyclable paper materials. Hailing from our Manchester facility, we maintain close relationships with trusted suppliers across London and beyond, ensuring a consistent supply of quality recyclable materials for businesses. As purchasers of scrap paper, we acquire an extensive array of paper products, encompassing office paper waste, cardboard, newspapers, and more. We accept loose paper, baled materials, shredded paper, or granulated paper in clean or slightly contaminated conditions.

Recycling Paper Products

Utilizing advanced techniques, we recycle various types of paper, including office paper waste, cardboard, and newspapers. Through our recycling process, we transform these materials into usable recycled paper, suitable for manufacturing various paper-based products, including packaging materials, stationery, and more. Our recycled paper maintains quality standards akin to those of original paper products, contributing to the circular economy and sustainability efforts.

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If you're interested in discovering more about our paper recycling and procurement services and how we can support your business, our proficient team in Manchester is eager to assist you


To reach out, please feel free to call us, send an email, or fill out the contact form below, and we'll promptly respond to your inquiry.

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