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Scrap Tyre Recycling

We are committed to the efficient recycling of scrap tyres. Building strong partnerships with businesses spanning Edinburgh, Glasgow, and across the UK, our mission is to aid clients in surpassing sustainability goals while diverting tires from landfills. Moreover, we offer the opportunity to purchase scrap tires from your operations, providing an additional avenue for revenue generation. Our expert team is adept at handling and repurposing various types of tyres, ensuring environmentally responsible disposal.

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Our comprehensive services encompass:

-    Scrap Tyre Collection
-    Purchase of Scrap Tyre


Buying Scrap Tyres

Our streamlined process facilitates the acquisition of recyclable tires. With our work mainly situated in Glasgow, we maintain robust relationships with reliable suppliers across Edinburgh and UK-wide, ensuring a consistent supply of quality scrap tyres for various purposes. As purchasers of scrap tires, we accept a wide range of tyre types, including car tires, truck tires, and specialized rubber materials. We accommodate both loose and baled tyre, in varying conditions.

Tyre Recycling Process

Through advanced recycling methodologies, we process and recycle different types of tyres, transforming them into usable materials for various applications. Our recycling methods yield recycled rubber products suitable for manufacturing purposes, including playground surfaces, asphalt additives, and rubberized products. The recycled rubber retains durability and quality, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability efforts.

Contact Us

For more information about our scrap tyre recycling and procurement services and how we can assist your business, our dedicated team in Glasgow and within the UK is available to support you.

To connect with us, please call, email, or complete the contact form provided below, and we'll promptly address your queries.

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Call Us On  44-7561176590

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