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Plastic Recycling & Scrap Plastic Buyers

Here at our sourcing office in Birmingham, we are rich network to recycle most plastics, including PVC, and injection moulded plastic products. We have formed thriving partnerships with many types of business, located in North West, Birmingham, and all over the UK, to ensure that clients like you meet and exceed sustainability goals, and plastics are kept out of landfill. In many cases, your unwanted plastic can be repurposed – so as well as our plastic recycling service, we buy scrap plastic from you, making it an additional revenue stream. Our team can deal in and export most types of plastic, including engineering and commodity grade plastics.

Pressed Plastic

Our services include:

-    Plastic waste collection 
-    Scrap plastic buying 
-    PVC recycling 
-    Injection moulded plastic recycling 


Buy Plastic Waste 

We make it simpler to buy recyclable plastics. From our location in Birmingham, we work closely with UK suppliers to make sure there is always enough recyclable materials for businesses across Liverpool and beyond to purchase. Our suppliers are trusted and fully dependable. As scrap plastic buyers, we obtain a wide range of plastic, including post-industrial and post-consumer plastics, injection moulded plastics and all types of plastic product. We also purchase plastic that is loose, baled, shredded, or granulated. We accept both clean and contaminated containers. 

Recycling Injection Moulded Plastics

Through a process of granulation, we can recycle all injection moulded plastic, including leftover sprues. This material can then be used for further injection moulding for products that can be used to make household items, toys, storage containers, and much more. Recycled injection moulded plastics result in products that are just as high quality as original materials.erything we need to effectively repurpose all PVC products.


PVC Recycling

As PVC is a more complicated material to be recycled, due to the number of additives and stabilisers, it can be hard to find a UK company to recycle PVC waste products. Here at Green Channel Recycling, we are equipped with everything we need to effectively repurpose all PVC products.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about our plastic recycling and waste buying or selling services, and how we can help your business, our team in Birmingham are here to help. 

To get in touch, please call us, email us, or complete the contact form below, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. 

Contact Us

Call Us On  44-7561176590

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