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Metal Recycling Services

Responsible recycling of metal materials, specifically focusing on aluminum. Partnering with businesses in mainly North West and throughout the UK, our primary goal is to assist clients in achieving and surpassing sustainability targets while diverting metal waste from landfills. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to purchase scrap aluminum from your operations, providing an additional revenue stream while contributing to environmental preservation. Our experienced team is adept at handling and repurposing various forms of metal, ensuring eco-friendly disposal.

Metallic Pieces

Our comprehensive services encompass:

-    Metal Waste Collection
-    Purchase of Scrap Metal


Buying Scrap Metal

Our efficient process facilitates the acquisition of recyclable metal materials, with a particular emphasis on aluminum. Located in Sheffield, we maintain strong connections with dependable suppliers across Nottingham and beyond, ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality scrap metal for various industrial applications. As purchasers of scrap metal, we accept a wide range of materials, including cans, sheets, and extrusions. We accommodate both clean and slightly contaminated metal.

Metal Recycling Process

Employing advanced recycling techniques, we process scrap metal materials, specifically focusing on aluminum, to produce recycled metal suitable for various applications. Our recycling methods yield high-quality recycled metal that can be utilized for manufacturing purposes, including construction materials, automotive parts, and various metal-based products. The recycled metal maintains quality and durability comparable to primary sources, contributing significantly to sustainable practices.

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To explore further about our metal recycling and procurement services, and how we can support your business, our dedicated team in Sheffield is available to assist you.

Feel free to reach out by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form below, and we'll promptly address your inquiries.

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